The most curious product packages that exist

When we talk about metal containers, we can think of large metal containers like those that travel in merchandise ships. But the reality is that we are referring to a very frequent type of packaging on the shelves of many shops, especially when we talk about products of a certain quality.

They are, for example, the famous boxes of metal cookies in which we find the most expensive and best quality varieties of lifelong pastas. Or the metal boxes in which the reserve bottles of the best liquors come. They are even used in perfumery, with the most original and sophisticated designs for high-end products.

Packaging with Swarosky

If there is something that really attracts attention, it is to see authentic Swarosky crystals in the box of a bottle of French champagne. We can see it for the Oudinot brand that celebrated a special edition of its drink with the name of Vintage 2004.

Swarosky crystals are used in jewelry and high-end jewelry and are known worldwide for their high quality. The fact of choosing this material and not a normal glass gives the packaging an air of luxury and sophistication that would be impossible to achieve otherwise.

The designer Nathalia Ponomareva has presented a prototype of tea bags that have not gone unnoticed in the market. These are paper bags with animal shapes, using the famous origami method. Get a sense of luxury and glamor when it comes to having a delicate tea that few brands could transmit.

And if there is something that really makes us think of luxury and glamor is the brightness. But not the brilli-brilli without more, but the brightness of quality, with glitter and inks specially designed to stand out. When these glitter finishes are applied in a high quality container, a spectacular result is achieved.

Others bet on humor, such as the creators of “Loco” wine that, in honor of its name, was marketed in a padded box and with the bottle dressed in a straitjacket. Without a doubt, a way of attracting very powerful attention.

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